Uk Made Sterling Silver and Gold Charms

Beautiful Sterling Silver Emblem Charms:

Emblem charms give you the ability to choose symbols that represent your values, aspirations, or interests – it can be a way to identify with a group, or to support a just cause. The caduceus symbol represents medicine, and this is available in different sizes. If you want to show how much you care, the charity ribbon charm symbolises this support of other of people in need of help.

Masonic charms and pendants are popular emblems that can demonstrate pride in the history of this society or just be worn to add to your mystique. All of these charms come with jump-rings, but there is also the option of a trigger-clasp, and this item can be incorporated into a bracelet on request. 

All our sterling silver charms come packaged in a pretty, purple Charms Direct branded pouch.  It not only looks good but also keeps your new sterling silver charms safe and secure. 

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  • Charity Ribbon Silver Charm

    Charity Ribbon

  • Large Masonic Pendant Silver Charm

    Large Masonic Pendant

  • Larger Medical Emblem Silver Charm

    Larger Medical Emblem

  • Masonic In Circle Silver Charm

    Masonic In Circle

  • Masonic Large Silver Charm

    Masonic Large

  • Masonic Silver Charm


  • Masonic Tiny Silver Charm

    Masonic Tiny

  • Medical Emblem Silver Charm

    Medical Emblem

  • Medium Masonic Silver Charm

    Medium Masonic


9 Item(s)

per page

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