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  • Popular Charm Choices & What Meaning They Carry

    One of the best-loved items of jewellery, the charm bracelet, is often hung with many different charms that have symbolic meaning; while you simply might like the appearance of a particular charm (and that’s fine!) there are often more deeper, traditional meanings behind each of these tiny pieces of jewellery.
  • Can MEN get away with wearing Charm Bracelets & Charm Jewellery?

    In answer to the above question - categorically 'Yes!' It's only a very recent thing that men have begun to shy away from wearing jewellery. Once upon a time it was considered the norm - a way of displaying important messages such as wealth, origin, social status as well as political and religious beliefs.
  • Welcome To Our New Website

    If you are an existing customer you will see that we have updated our website, if you are a new customer, welcome! Here you will find the same top quality charms and excellent service with a new look website. Please browse the website to see what delights we have available. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

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