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What Birthstone are you?

We often get our asked by our customers, "what birthstone charm should they buy for a loved one?”

To help we thought we’d make the task of buying a silver birthstone as a gift, that much easier, with our birthstone guide.

Traditionally, a birthstone is associated with each month of the year. For example, the birthstone for January is a garnet, while lucky babies born in April get a diamond as their birthstone.

The origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The current list dates back to 1912 with only one addition since then – the tanzanite was added to December.

January - Garnet

January Birthstone - Charms Direct

Garnet, is the perfect gift for that January-born special-someone, as the garnet birthstone represents eternal friendship and trust. 

The name Garnet is believed to get it’s name from latin for “seed” due to red garnet’s similarity to a pomegranate seed. But don’t let that fool you, garnet’s are available in all colours, except blue!

Wearers have said that the stone prevents nightmares, snakebites and can provide directional guidance in darkness. It is believed that they will see an increase in their self-image, will power and energy levels - nervous people may feel calmer. 

Faith, love and constancy are its attributes, which is why it makes the perfect gift for a true friend.

January Birthstone Garnet Silver Charm - £44.99

February - Purple Amethyst

February - Purple Amethyst Birthstone - Charms Direct

February's birthstone, the amethyst, is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage. A little known fact about this beautiful purple quartz, which can be found all over the world, is that at one time, only royalty could wear the gem.

Ancient Greeks thought that the amethyst guarded against intoxication. In fact, amethyst comes from amethystos, a Greek word meaning "sober.”

February Birthstone Amethyst Silver Charm - £44.99

March - Pale Blue Aquamarine

March Birthstone Aquamarine Silver Charm - Charms Direct

The name aquamarine is derived from the Latin word aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning the sea. This gemstone was believed to protect sailors, as well as to guarantee a safe voyage.  It was also thought to cure heart, liver, and stomach diseases—for those who drank the water that the aquamarine gem had been soaking in.

The peaceful colour of aquamarine is said to cool the temper, allowing the wearer to remain calm no matter what the situation. Aquamarine is most often light in tone and ranges from greenish blue to blue-green; the color usually is more intense in larger stones.  This gemstone is found mainly in Brazil.

March Birthstone Aquamarine Silver Charm - £44.99

April - Diamonds 

April Birthstone Diamond Silver Charm - Charms Direct

As the birthstone for April, a diamond birthstone silver charm is the ideal gift for a loved one. 

Diamonds come in several colours, and in addition to being a symbol of everlasting love, was once thought to bring courage to the wearer. In Sanskrit, the diamond is called "vajra," which means lightning; in Hindu mythology, vajra was the weapon of Indra, the king of gods.

April Birthstone Diamond Silver Charm - £44.99

May - Green Emeralds 

May Birthstone Emerald Silver Charm - Charms Direct

The emerald, was one of Cleopatra's favorite gems. For a long time, it has been associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. Ancient Romans went so far as to dedicate the emerald to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. 

Today, it is thought that emeralds signify wisdom, growth, and patience.The majority of the world’s emerald stones are mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, and Zambia.

May Birthstone Emerald Silver Charm - £44.99

June - Alexandrite

June Birthstone Alexandrite Silver Charm

A relatively modern gem, Alexandrite, was first discovered in Russia in 1831 during the reign of its namesake, Czar Alexander II, and is an extremely rare chrysoberyl with chameleon-like qualities. Its colour is a lovely green in both daylight and fluorescent light; it changes color to a purplish red in incandescent light.

Alexandrite is thought to heighten the intuitive capacity to such an extent that the wearer may often be able to predict an event.

June Birthstone Alexandrite Silver Charm - £44.99

July - Red Rubies

July Birthstone Ruby Silver Charm - Charms Direct

What better way is there to show that special July-born someone that you love them than by giving them a ruby?! Rubies arouse the senses, stir the imagination, and are said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love. 

Ruby is a variety of the gems species corundum and was regarded by ancient Hindus as the "king of gems." It was believed to protect its wearer from evil. 

It is harder than any natural gemstone except diamond, which means a ruby is durable enough for everyday wear.

July Birthstone Ruby Silver Charm - £44.99

August—Light green Peridot

August Birthstone Peridot Silver Charm - Charms Direct

Peridot is said to host magical powers and healing properties to protect against nightmares and to bring the wearer power, influence, and a wonderful year, we think everyone would like to guarantee that?!

As peridot is a gemstone that forms deep inside the Earth and brought to the surface by volcanoes, in Hawaii, peridot symbolises the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. The stone has also been associated with strength.

August Birthstone Peridot Silver Charm - £44.99


September Birthstone Sapphire Silver Charm - Charms Direct

Sapphire, the September birthstone, has been popular since the Middle Ages and, according to ancient folklore, will protect your loved ones from envy and harm.  Medieval clergy wore sapphires to symbolise heaven, while the  common folk thought the gem attracted heavenly blessings.

Sapphires are available in a variety of delicate colours in addition to the more common blue shades. They speak of dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, purity and wisdom.

September Birthstone Sapphire Silver Charm - £44.99

October—Pink Tourmaline 

October Birthstone Pink Tourmaline Silver Charm - Charms Direct

Pink Tourmaline, symbolises faithfulness and inner confidence. The word comes from the Latin opalus, meaning "precious jewel.” Tourmaline is found in all corners of the world including Brazil, Afghanistan, East Africa, and the USA.

It represents hope, creativity and innocence. It also protects the wearer from envious, mal-intentioned people.

October Birthstone Pink Tourmaline Silver Charm - £44.99


November Birthstone Topaz Silver Charm - Charms Direct

The topaz, not to be confused citrine quartz (yellow), symbolises love and affection, which is why it makes the perfect gift for November-born loved ones. It is believed to give the wearer increased strength and intellect.

It is also associated with strength and healing for both body and mind. It offers protection to travellers and supports good mental health.

November Birthstone Topaz Silver Charm - £44.99

December—Blue Zircon

December Birthstone Zircon Silver Charm - Charms Direct

Blue Zircon, derives from the Arabic words zar and gun, meaning gold and colour, zircon is found in a wide range of colours but it’s the blue variety that is the birthstone for December. 

The blue zircon is considered the symbol of purity, chastity, integrity and dignity. The stone offers protection to the wearer against evil, enemies, negative energy, and illness.

December Birthstone Zircon Silver Charm - £44.99

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