Uk Made Sterling Silver and Gold Charms


  • New Valentine’s Day Bracelet? Perfect ‘First Charm’ Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is, always has and always will be a huge deal for couples all around the world with hundreds of millions of gifts exchanged, and billions spent on getting everything perfect – over £1.3bn is spent on cards, gifts and flowers here in the UK alone!
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  • How to Clean your Silver Charm

    Our UK handmade silver charms start off life bright and shiny, but the more it is worn it will eventually begin to tarnish. At first the surface will turn slightly yellow, and if left to deteriorate further it will turn from yellow to black.
  • Charm Buying Guide: Which Charms To Choose For Which Person

    Knowing what to buy those special people in your life can often be difficult – whether they keep their interests close to their chest, always buy the things they want or just leave you stumped when it comes to birthdays or other special occasions, then we’re on hand to help.
  • Popular Charm Choices & What Meaning They Carry

    One of the best-loved items of jewellery, the charm bracelet, is often hung with many different charms that have symbolic meaning; while you simply might like the appearance of a particular charm (and that’s fine!) there are often more deeper, traditional meanings behind each of these tiny pieces of jewellery.
  • Can MEN get away with wearing Charm Bracelets & Charm Jewellery?

    In answer to the above question - categorically 'Yes!' It's only a very recent thing that men have begun to shy away from wearing jewellery. Once upon a time it was considered the norm - a way of displaying important messages such as wealth, origin, social status as well as political and religious beliefs.

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