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  • New Valentine’s Day Bracelet? Perfect ‘First Charm’ Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is, always has and always will be a huge deal for couples all around the world with hundreds of millions of gifts exchanged, and billions spent on getting everything perfect – over £1.3bn is spent on cards, gifts and flowers here in the UK alone!
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  • Looking For the Perfect Gift for Christmas? Why Charms Are Ideal

    Whether it is a present for Christmas or New Year, a birthday gift or something to buy with Christmas money, a silver charm bracelet is the perfect solution. Here at Charms Direct, we offer one of the most comprehensive selections of silver bracelets and charms on the market, so here is a little more on exactly what we have to offer.
  • Spooky Halloween Charms

    Trick or Treat?

    Halloween is one of the oldest holidays still celebrated today. It's one of the most popular holidays, second only to Christmas.
    To help make you Halloween even more spooky, we’ve chosen some frightfully good charms.
    Witch On Broom Gold Charm 0064-9y
    Witch On Broom Gold Charm

    Spooky Cat Charm 1733-S
    Spooky Cat Silver Charm

    Halloween Pumpkin Silver Charm
    Halloween Pumpkin Silver Charm

    All of our Gold & Silver Charms are handmade with love in the heart of the world famous Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, England.

  • How NOT to clean your silver charms

    Some online charm stores sell bottles of liquid chemical cleaners, which are supposedly designed for deep cleaning jewellery.

    However, as good as this may sound, for handmade charms like the ones we manufacture and sell, silver charms that are delicate and intricate, these chemical cleaners are often too harsh and will do TOO good of a job. As often, the detailing that you love about your sterling silver charm will be gone!

    Our quick and easy guide will leave your charm looking brand new. Importantly, it won’t damage your charm and the beautiful detail will remain intact.

    The proper way to clean your jewellery.

  • How to Clean your Silver Charm

    Our UK handmade silver charms start off life bright and shiny, but the more it is worn it will eventually begin to tarnish. At first the surface will turn slightly yellow, and if left to deteriorate further it will turn from yellow to black.
  • The Top 10 Silver Charms to Hint to Your Man for Valentines

    "Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love, thou art every day my Valentine!"

    Robert Hood’s famous Valentine's quote is as true now as it ever was because every girl (and boy) wants to be shown how special they are to someone on February 14th.

    It’s also a hard gift to buy, and some men can be notoriously bad when it comes to buying presents at Valentines. If you would like to give your partner a helping hand this Valentine then hopefully we can be of help as we’re running down our top ten silver love charms for Valentine's Day.

    Remember you can get 20% off all our beautiful, handmade charms by entering the code LOVE20 at checkout.

    10. Flying Cupid Silver Charm - £14.95

    Flying Cupid Silver Charm - Charms Direct

    Everyone wants to be struck by Cupid and this traditional silver charm is the perfect way of showing you’re the one for me.

    9.Heart Alphabet Letter Pendant Silver Charm - £14.95

    Heart Alphabet Letter Pendant Silver Charm - Charms direct

    If subtlety is your thing, then this cute letter in a heart silver charm could be the one for you.

    8. Bar of Chocolate Silver Charm - £39.95

    Heavy Bar Of Chocolate Silver Charm

    “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” - Charles M. Schulz.

    Combine the best of both with this unique chocolate bar charm.

    7. Hugs and Kisses Silver Charm - £39.95

    Hugs And Kisses Silver Charm - Charms Direct

    Send your loved one hugs and kisses this Valentines.

    6. Open Heart Silver Charm - £34.95
    Tell the special someone in your life that you love them with this modern silver heart charm.

    Open Heart Silver Charm- Charms Direct

    5. Teddy with Heart Silver Charm - £44.95

    Teddy With Heart Silver Charm - Charms Direct

    A girl can never be too old to receive a teddy bear.

    4. Lovers in the Moon Silver Charm - £14.95

    Lovers In Moon Silver Charm - Charms Direct

    Show your romantic side with our special lovers in the moon silver charm.

    3. Love Birds and Crystal Ball Silver Charm - £39.95

    Love Birds And Crystal Ball Silver Charm - Charms Direct

    Show your affectionate side with a gorgeous lovebirds silver charm.

    2. Heart and Key Silver Charm  - £19.95

    Heart And Key Silver Charm - Charms Direct

    Let them know, that they have the key to your heart with this elegant charm.

    1. I love you in Silver Circle Silver Charm - £14.95

    I Love You In Circle Silver Charm - Charms Direct

    Sometimes all a girl wants to hear are those three little words.


    Click to see our full collection of love and heart silver charms.

  • Valentine’s Day throughout History

    February 14th is a day that is famous for the celebration of partners throughout the world, no matter what age, race or gender. It is a day to really show your other half how much they mean to you whether it is with flowers, a trip away or a beautiful charm. It is celebrated throughout the world and can be traced right back to the time of the Romans. Continue reading

  • Charm Buying Guide: Which Charms To Choose For Which Person

    Knowing what to buy those special people in your life can often be difficult – whether they keep their interests close to their chest, always buy the things they want or just leave you stumped when it comes to birthdays or other special occasions, then we’re on hand to help.
  • 5 Amazing Springtime Silver Charms

    Springtime has well and truly arrived, which means it’s time to spring clean and update your wardrobe.
  • What Birthstone are you?

    We often get our asked by our customers, "what birthstone charm should they buy for a loved one?” Well we thought we’d make the task of buying a silver birthstone as a gift, that much easier, with our birthstone guide.

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