Charms for Bracelets

Gold Music Charms That Capture The Soul

Music touches the hearts of many with soulful lyrics, distinctive melodies and inspiring artists and musicians creating sound tracks and theme tunes that quickly become a part our everyday lives. Our beautiful music charm collection combines elegant gold charms with some of music’s most recognisable designs to create beautiful additions to any bracelet.

From musical instruments to notes and iconic symbols such as the record player or modern day iPod, our collection features jewellery that is unique, stylish and precious. When considering iconic music symbols, were you aware that the first music video was the unforgettable Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen in 1975?

No matter what music charm you go for, we guarantee to offer the best prices around and, if that wasn’t enough, if your order comes to over £50, we offer free UK delivery. 

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  • Baby Grand Piano Gold Charm

    Baby Grand Piano

  • Baby Rattle Gold Charm

    Baby Rattle

  • 9ct Yellow Gold


  • Banjo Gold Charm


  • Banjo/Ukelele Gold Charm


  • Bell And Hollies Christmas Gold Charm

    Bell And Hollies Christmas

  • Castanets Gold Charm


  • Cello Gold Charm


  • Cherub And Bell Christmas Gold Charm

    Cherub And Bell Christmas

  • Clarinet Gold Charm


  • Clown Playing Sax Gold Charm

    Clown Playing Sax

  • Cow With Bell Gold Charm

    Cow With Bell

  • Cupid And Harp Gold Charm

    Cupid And Harp

  • Cupid Playing Harp Gold Charm

    Cupid Playing Harp

  • Cupid With Harp Gold Charm

    Cupid With Harp

  • Cupid With Mandolin Large Gold Charm

    Cupid With Mandolin Large

  • Double Bass Gold Charm

    Double Bass

  • Drum Gold Charm


  • Electric Guitar Gold Charm

    Electric Guitar

  • Elvis Guitar Gold Charm

    Elvis Guitar

  • Fairy And Flute Gold Charm

    Fairy And Flute

  • Flute Gold Charm


  • French Horn Gold Charm

    French Horn

  • Frog And Guitar Gold Charm

    Frog And Guitar

  • Frog And Saxophone Gold Charm

    Frog And Saxophone

  • Frog With Saxophone And Note Gold Charm

    Frog With Saxophone And Note

  • Gramophone And Dancers Gold Charm

    Gramophone And Dancers

  • Grand Piano Gold Charm

    Grand Piano

  • Grand Piano Large Gold Charm

    Grand Piano Large

  • Grand Piano Small Gold Charm

    Grand Piano Small

  • Guitar Gold Charm


  • Guitar Player Gold Charm

    Guitar Player

  • Hand Bell Gold Charm

    Hand Bell

  • Harp Gold Charm


  • Heavy Electric Guitar Gold Charm

    Heavy Electric Guitar

  • Heavy Mandolin Gold Charm

    Heavy Mandolin


Items 1 to 36 of 117 total

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Set Descending Direction