Charms for Bracelets

‘Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest – it’s about who came and never left your side.’ Gold Family and Friend Charms at Charms Direct

It’s often said that you can choose your friends but not your family - at Charms Direct you don’t have to choose between anybody; we have the whole family unit covered as well as friends.  Gold family and friends charms make great gifts!  Whether it’s Mums, Dads, Grannies or Children - Charms Direct have them all.  And with our dedicated Baby section you’ll be spoilt for choice with gold charms to celebrate that bouncing, bundle of joy.

‘OHANA means family – family means no one gets left behind or forgotten!’

All gold charms at Charms Direct are available in 9ct red, yellow or white gold.  14ct and 18ct are available in yellow or white gold - we even stock platinum.

Remember all our Family and Friend charms come packaged in a pretty, purple Charms Direct branded pouch.  It not only looks good but also keeps your new gold charms safe and secure.

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Set Descending Direction
  • 9ct Yellow Gold

    Aladdin's Slippers

  • Alladins Lamp Gold Charm

    Alladins Lamp

  • Art Nouveau Moon Flower Gold Charm

    Art Nouveau Moon Flower

  • Babies Dummy Gold Charm

    Babies Dummy

  • Baby And Ball With Stone Gold Charm

    Baby And Ball With Stone

  • Baby And Teddy Bear Gold Charm

    Baby And Teddy Bear

  • Baby Crib Gold Charm

    Baby Crib

  • Baby Doll Gold Charm

    Baby Doll

  • Baby Elephant And Dummy Gold Charm

    Baby Elephant And Dummy

  • Baby Girl Sitting Gold Charm

    Baby Girl Sitting

  • Baby In Basket Gold Charm

    Baby In Basket

  • Baby On Scales Gold Charm

    Baby On Scales

  • Baby Set Gold Charm

    Baby Set

  • Baby With Dummy Gold Charm

    Baby With Dummy

  • Bar Of Chocolate Gold Charm

    Bar Of Chocolate

  • Boy On Hobby Horse Gold Charm

    Boy On Hobby Horse

  • Boy Scout Gold Charm

    Boy Scout

  • Card Man Gold Charm

    Card Man

  • Cartooon Stork And Baby Gold Charm

    Cartooon Stork And Baby

  • Childs Rocking Horse Gold Charm

    Childs Rocking Horse

  • Chocolate Box Gold Charm

    Chocolate Box

  • 9ct Yellow Gold

    Cinderella Coach

  • Clown Head Gold Charm

    Clown Head

  • Clown Medium Gold Charm

    Clown Medium

  • Clown Playing Sax Gold Charm

    Clown Playing Sax

  • Clown With Flower Gold Charm

    Clown With Flower

  • Clown With Stone Gold Charm

    Clown With Stone

  • Cow Jumped Over The Moon Gold Charm

    Cow Jumped Over The Moon

  • Crouching Stork And Baby Gold Charm

    Crouching Stork And Baby

  • Daffodil Flower Gold Charm

    Daffodil Flower

  • Daisy Flower Gold Charm

    Daisy Flower

  • Dancing Cat And The Fiddle Gold Charm

    Dancing Cat And The Fiddle

  • Dancing Clown Gold Charm

    Dancing Clown

  • Dick Whittington Gold Charm

    Dick Whittington

  • Dolly Gold Charm


  • Flower Basket Gold Charm

    Flower Basket


Items 1 to 36 of 116 total

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Set Descending Direction