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Gold Car Charms

*Beep – Beep* coming through!  Make way on your charms bracelet for our fantastic gold car charms – including many instantly recognisable models, as well as driving paraphernalia, learner plates and steering wheels.  1866 is the year regarded as the birth of the modern automobile, with the invention of the Benz Patent-Motorwagen invented by Karl Benz.  Motorised wagons soon replaced carriages pulled by horse, especially when the highly affordable Ford Model T was introduced in 1908.

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  • Car And L Plate Gold Charm

    Car And L Plate

  • Car Ferry Boat Gold Charm

    Car Ferry Boat

  • Car Steering Wheel Gold Charm

    Car Steering Wheel

  • Car Vintage Gold Charm

    Car Vintage

  • Estate Car Gold Charm

    Estate Car

  • Heavy Sports Car Gold Charm

    Heavy Sports Car

  • Horse Trolly Car Gold Charm

    Horse Trolly Car

  • Jaguar Car Gold Charm

    Jaguar Car

  • Large Taxi Cab Gold Charm

    Large Taxi Cab

  • Limosine Gold Charm


  • 9ct Yellow Gold

    London Taxi Cab

  • Mini Car Gold Charm

    Mini Car

  • Mini Gold Charm


  • Mini Taxi Cab Gold Charm

    Mini Taxi Cab

  • Moving Vintage Car Gold Charm

    Moving Vintage Car

  • Noddy Sports Car Gold Charm

    Noddy Sports Car

  • Race Car Gold Charm

    Race Car

  • Racing Car Gold Charm

    Racing Car

  • Roadster Gold Charm


  • Robin Reliant Gold Charm

    Robin Reliant

  • Saloon Car Gold Charm

    Saloon Car

  • 9ct Yellow Gold

    Small Car Ferry Boat

  • Sports Car Gold Charm

    Sports Car

  • Taxi Cab Gold Charm

    Taxi Cab

  • Taxi Cab Medium Gold Charm

    Taxi Cab Medium

  • Taxi Gold Charm


  • Vintage Car Gold Charm

    Vintage Car


28 Item(s)

per page

Set Descending Direction